The beauty of your home and what it symbolizes ought to radiate down your driveway and through the street. After all, what joy is there in being on the home-stretch if the home you approach doesn’t delight or welcome you with its appearance? With professional painting and staining services by StraightLine Exteriors you can update your exterior without breaking your budget. Professional painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to fall back in love with the look of your home. Our experienced team can help guide your decision-making process by providing insight into color palettes and inform you about the protection that comes with the best quality products on the market, like Sherwin-Williams. (You can take a look at their impressive Color Collections and Stain Collections here.) There’s another saying we’re reminded of, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’ - but with the painting and staining services offered by StraightLine Exteriors your home gets that second chance to bring a smile to your face and welcome you home before you even walk up the driveway.

We provide full, cost-effective painting and staining services to enhance your home’s exterior.

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Better ingredients mean better performance. A high-quality coating starts with high-quality ingredients that allow paint to apply more easily, look better and last longer. Here are the four key ingredients that affect the quality of paint 

• Pigment : Higher-quality paints have more of the all-important, yet more expensive prime pigments – all the things that in the end give you easier application as well as better durability and color retention.


Higher-quality paints have more of the all-important, yet more expensive prime pigments – all the things that in the end give you easier application as well as better durability and color retention.


Higher quality binders, found in higher quality paints, adhere to surfaces better and provide enhanced film integrity and longer lasting performance. This makes them more resistant to cracking, blistering and peeling.


As you might guess, top quality paints have a greater ratio of solids (pigment and binders) to liquids, while cheaper paints are more "watered down" with liquid.


Ingredients that give a paint a specific benefit that it might not otherwise have. Additives do increase the cost of the product while providing significant added benefits.


Common additives in higher-end paints include:

  • Rheology modifiers – provide better hide through flow and leveling of the coating.

  • Mildewcides – keep mildew in check.

  • Dispersing agents – keep pigment evenly distributed.

  • Preservatives – prevent spoilage.

For more info on types and quality of Sherwin-Williams Paint download their guide here.


Other Reasons to Paint or Stain 

Aside from personal aesthetic, there are several other reasons to update your home with a fresh coat of paint or stained wood. If you are looking to sell your home, it’s a simple way to start adding value to the property. If you’re considering selling your home in the future, added curb appeal will entice buyers to inquire further about your home and paint alone can increase a home’s value by at least 1% - 2% according to Consumer Reports.  Added durability against the elements is another great reason to opt for a fresh new coat of paint. Sherwin-Williams offers multiple exterior paint products, some of which include extreme resistance to blistering, peeling, chalking, fading and dirt pick-up.


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