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How To Choose The Right Siding Contractor

The Right Siding Contractor

A home is a sanctuary and finding the right contractor can be difficult. But the following tips make it easier for anyone to find the right siding contractor in Vancouver WA for siding installation or replacements.

What to look for in a contractor

The right contractor for any job will have a combination of positive qualities. Here are a few to look for:

  • Honesty and Integrity∫ Commitment to honest dealings set the best contractors apart from the rest. When clients are speaking with a contractor, do they leave the appointment with a clear sense of what they’re doing and how much the project is going to cost? After checking reviews on popular sites, do they find a history of satisfied customers? Is the feedback mostly positive? An honest contractor explains everything clearly, and if a problem comes up, they let them know about it right away.

  • Experience and Skill∫ It only makes sense that more experienced contractors give the best service. One qualification may want to check on how long they’ve been in business. In most cases, the longer the better. This is only part of the picture, though. A company might have been in business for 50 years, but does their team consist of brand new trainees? Don’t be afraid to ask about the experience level of a company’s employees.

  • Materials and Custom Jobs∫ No doubt they’ve done research preparing for their project. They probably have an idea as to how they want everything to look, and which types of materials to use. Does the contractor have a problem with custom requests? If they do, they’re not fully committed to helping the client realize their unique vision.

  • Warranties and Guarantees∫ How long and what type of guarantee does the contractor offer? Make sure that reading their terms that the guarantee covers more than just materials. Those come from the manufacturers, and they cover building materials that fail. Contractors also need a guarantee of labor, ensuring that the contractor fixes any mistakes that their workers might make. The longer the guarantee, the more confidence the contractor has in their team.

The StraightLine Exteriors Difference

Here at StraightLine Exteriors, they’re committed to giving clients the best they possibly can. When they call or use our contact form to send the details of their project, they sit down with the client for a face-to-face free consultation. Their terms are fair, and they offer financing to help out. The agreements are written in plain language to avoid confusion. They’ve been in business since 2001, but have many years of experience going back farther. Their team features only journeymen or higher workers. This means that they all have years of training, certification, and experience gained on the job. They never hire out the job to a subcontractor. When they bring StraightLine Exteriors on the job, they get StraightLine quality. They’re so confident in their team that they offer a 7-year warranty on labor and craftsmanship. In the climate of the Pacific Northwest, this is more than enough time for any problems from

installation to show up. There is no risk to them from having StraightLine take care of installation. Don’t put their project in the hands of anyone less than the best in the area. In Portland, Vancouver, and the surrounding region, that’s StraightLine Exteriors. There’s no need to put off siding or patio cover projects any longer. Give them a call today and get started right now.


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